JW Grindstaff’s Balance Blog – Contains No Secrets!

Just a quick note about JW Grindstaff, entrepreneur, business owner, husband, father, and student of everyone he meets. He’ll omit the endless list of accomplishments; opting instead to let you fill in the comments blank, after you’ve had the chance to work with him. Action speaks with volume – words simply fill volumes.
JW and his wife Paula, are comfortably tucked away in a fabulous home in the woods near rural Festus, Missouri.  Life has been good, both business and personal.  Now, after the children have been launched, JW  is ready to pay forward the knowledge earned in the trenches, during his forty five years of self employment.
With so many possibilities for both risk and gain in your personal/business decisions, guidance from someone who has traveled the path many times, can save you a great deal of time and money.  Having both managed and owned several direct sales, network marketing, and traditional businesses, JW’s exposure crosses the whole entrepreneurial landscape.  This site will be a truthful, daily mentoring location for anyone who believes in short-cutting the old trial and error mindset.  Do it once – do it right – do it NOW!
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