JW’s Goals:

I am going to attempt to assist a number of people greater than the number who have had a hand in creating me.  I’m not sure of the number, but I know it exceeds a thousand.  As a result of having  been so blessed with supporters and mentors, I feel an immense obligation to pay that remarkable advantage forward to others who find themselves in the same shoes as me, forty five years ago.

My Method of Accomplishment:

Obvioulsy, much has changed over this last forty five years.  Where I had to network and learn from each teacher on a ‘one to one’ basis, I now have the tools to reach out in mass to communicate with beneficiaries of the gift of advice and guidance.  The internet, with its instant audio, visual, and nearly personal connections will allow my efforts to be multiplied at least a thousand fold.

My Challenges:

For me to make a true difference, I must understand and be understood as clearly as would be the case, if we were sitting together on a park bench or relaxing on a river bank, waiting for the fish to bite.  To be truly effective, we will transform the virtual connection into a personal exchange of ideas and feelings, in every contact we make with each other.  I’ll show you who I am, and absorb the information that describes you as closely as were we good friends for years.  This challenge requires forthcoming honesty.

How did I start out?

I grew up on a farm in Southeastern Missouri, in the foothills that border the Mississippi Delta and its cotton growing country.  We didn’t have electricity at our house until I was in the sixth grade.  I studied by kerosene lamp until then, and naturally there was not plumbing without power.  At age 13 I began buying and raising cattle and horses.  Their sale later, paid my college tuition at an engineering school.  When I left there, my student deferment ended and I was drafted into the Army.  I managed to grow through that, and got my engineering job at an aircraft plant in St Louis, MO.  The cubicle chaffed me to the extent I let the people person side of me take over and called me out into sales work.  I spent several years in risk settlement, finance, real estate as a realtor, and eventually into risk management, financial planning and insurance sales.  Always being promoted, supported, advised, and assisted by too numerous a group to list, my underlying drive became the repayment of all that good fortune.  Success always came faster than I expected;  all too often catching me by surprise.

Where is JW now?

My lovely wife Paula and I share a beautiful home surrounded by woods, acres of lawn(to be mowed), fantastic gardens and beds, song birds, and butterflies galore.  It is as inviting as the prettiest park I’ve ever visited, but offers almost total privacy.  My three sons, a lawyer, a doctor, and a school administrator, are all out making their marks on the world.  My oldest stepdaughter is a successful young management minded go-getter who will not have a ceiling in her career.  The youngest stepdaughter is completed college and plans to be a teacher.  If you picked up on the last two being stepdaughters, you realize that I have had failures as well as successes in my past.  I truly believe that we learn more from falling than winning the race without a stumble.  With time to focus on furthering my own business education, I’ve resorted to mentoring and guiding others.  Its been said the fastest way to improve your knowledge of anything, is to teach it.  With forty five years of connections and contacts, I’ve developed a huge resource bank of people and programs to cut the new entrepreneur’s learning curve to a tenth of what it used to be.  I won’t lie and say money doesn’t matter, but it isn’t the most important anymore.  What a marvelous time in my life!

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